The Poker Star

Poker is an ancient family of casino games where players put money into a pot and try to whittle their opponents down to lesser hands by taking turns. The object is to “make money”, and the house always wins. Poker is a closely guarded family of card games where players stake the same amount of money against each other, in similar fashion to the rankings of the Roman populace who vie for political power. The game has caught on among many generations of poker players all around the world. It has also gained popularity as a recreational game amongst many non-poker players, though it should be remembered that poker is one of the most pure forms of gambling, with no consideration being given to any particular goal.


The game has grown in appeal as one of the card games at international casinos. Although it is one of the oldest, it is also considered by many to be one of the most complex, as much so as blackjack. That is not to say that it is an easy game, and a skilled poker player can challenge even the pros.

There are many famous poker stars in the world of poker today. Some are world class poker players with multiple championship titles; some just have one or two notable finishes. Some famous names include Phil Hellmuth, stud poker’s biggest champion; James Packy, the first American player to win a world poker tourney; as well as Max Blum, the only world poker tourney winner to have never beaten his own wife. There are also newer names on the scene such as Antonio Salado, whose campaign to unseat world number one poker player Scotty Yang ended unsuccessfully.

Some of the newer faces in poker have also made waves in the world of poker. Two of these faces are Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates. Both have been featured on the television shows America’s Next Top Card, as well as on the popular podcast Poker, as well as in magazines such as Wired. They have become instant poker stars, with their big bankrolls and impressive reputations.

One poker star who is relatively new to the scene is Chris Moneymaker. However, before you get to know him, you must understand the circumstances surrounding his rise to poker stardom. Chris was, for a long time, in a wheelchair due to Crohn’s disease. He also suffered from ulcers, liver problems, and other health conditions which kept him from exercising. One day, a doctor told him that he would be disabled if he did not continue to work out. This inspired Chris to start a gym in his home, and he has used that same platform to help many other people with various physical ailments.

Once he began playing poker, he soon discovered that there were a lot of opportunities in different poker rooms for people like him. He made a few short-term runs in a number of online casinos, but found that the competition was overwhelming. He eventually landed a position as the Internet Editor for Poker Site Sign Up, where he focuses on reviewing the online poker sites. He enjoys talking about poker and telling the stories of poker millionaires (like Steve Austin and Annie Duke). His writing is well-regarded, and he is constantly in demand for speaking engagements.